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I've had several experiences with Britteny. She brought forth five of my past relatives and four past pets. She was spot-on with everything she had told me. A couple of times, she had said things that didn't make sense right away, and then they clicked. Then remembered something that confirmed she was 100% right on. The pet readings were amazing as well. I felt so much love and closure after these readings. What I was most impressed with was how she could communicate with my dog now. She could tell me how he felt about many things. If your animals are in pain or have a problem with another animal or are afraid, she can help with that. You will understand more about your pet if you have somebody like Britney to help you communicate with them. I would highly recommend her for any mediumship with your past loved ones or animals and to be able to communicate with your animals. She is one amazing person.

I had a reading done with Brittany, when we were talking she kept saying my mom was talking about a certain flower. A few days go by and I had a card reading come up on my FYP on TT with the exact flowers Brittany was describing. There was also mention of 5/6 I have come to learn that's when my mom passed away. I didn't have a relationship with my mom so I wasn't aware of the day she passed. Now I know it was the 6th of may. Brittany has also done readings for my dog and let me know why she was having certain behavior issues. I highly recommend her!!! Very accurate.

Brittney has connected me with my mother, father, grandfather, great-grandmother, and my mother-in-law. The readings have been authentic, genuine, and absolutely spot-on.  They have given me great comfort and insight and have allowed me to comfortably move forward discovering my gifts with ease.  I am ever so grateful for your time, gifts, and spirit.
Carol V

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